Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters and other unexpected events can bring down your network without warning—Cutting off a vital communication link that your business depends on. Frontgate protects organization from these unforeseen events by providing valuable email backup protection as a standard part of our service.

You can feel confident knowing your business will never lose an email in the event you suffer an unforeseeable outage, malfunction, or during planned maintenance. Frontgate will automatically begin email spooling when we detect a loss of connectivity to your email server and provide seven days of unlimited storage.

In the event that your business experiences a major malfunction or long-term loss of connectivity, Frontgate can provision your key business accounts on our Hosted Exchange 2003 servers, providing business continuity until you can restore your network services.

For more information about Frontgate's email protection services, contact us at 1-800-381-3445, or via email at